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  • 最初は大泣きでしたが、今では笑顔で通えるようになりました。家で”oh!NO”と言って家族を笑わせてくれたり、自分でズボンを  


 Kiana Kapel here!

Hello! Kiana1/英語圏の幼稚園教育を横浜で!
  My name is Kiana Kapel

  I was born in Queensland Australia and continued to live there until I was 8 years old. My family and I then made the long journey from Queensland to my new home in Tasmania. I continued living in that beautiful island home up until moving to Japan with my older sister.

  I have travelled to many places, such as Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, New Zealand and now Japan. Japan has offered me the chance to stay and learn about its wonderful culture. I am very much enjoying meeting new people and seeing as much of this country as I can.

Hello! Kiana2/英語圏の幼稚園教育を横浜で!

Hello! Kiana3/英語圏の幼稚園教育を横浜で!   Thankfully Kitty International School has given me the greatest opportunity of teaching English to children living in Japan. I have always wanted to educate children and I was working in an educational role back in Australia but now I have the chance of expanding my teaching to children who don’t have English as their first language.

  My time at Kitty International School has been exciting and full of enjoyment. I am so impressed by the efforts of all the children and their determination in learning and speaking English. The children at Kitty bring a smile to my face and I am so proud to have a part in teaching them English.
Hello! Kiana4/英語圏の幼稚園教育を横浜で!

Hello! Kiana5/英語圏の幼稚園教育を横浜で!  I am greatly looking forward to the rest of my time teaching at Kitty.
Kitty International School

 All about me “Cathy” (バイリンガル保育士/幼稚園教諭)

Hello! Cathy1 保育士/幼稚園教諭   I was born on October 16th, 1987. My mother was worried because if I was in her belly any longer, I would have the same birthday as my father, he was born on the 17th.
I am the youngest in my family and I have an older brother and sister. I was loved very much, especially by my grandparents and I grew up to be like them. I used to go to my grandparents when my mother scolded me.
When I was little I was very shy in front of strangers and I did not talk much in nursery school. A teacher asked me “Do you have no mouth?”


  I am from Jyoetsu-shi, Niigata and my parents run an inn at our house. I used to help out at the inn everyday during the summer vacation, as the house is on the seaside and we always had a lot of visitors from the beach. I still go swimming in the sea every year and I really enjoy being at the beach. Watching the sunset while swimming in the sea is the best!

Hello! Cathy1 保育士/幼稚園教諭

Hello! Cathy1 保育士/幼稚園教諭   I have always liked animals. I used to go and see rabbits and guinea pigs during the noon recess in elementary school. I kept a cockerel, big bird, and carps as pets. I really wanted a dog but my mother said “No” because our house is an inn. However, I bought a rabbit home from elementary school when it was born. The rabbit, at my parents house now, is my third and its name is ‘Usako’.


  In junior high school, I belonged to the tennis club. I actually wanted to play badminton but there was only a tennis club and volleyball club available, as my school only had a few students, so I went into the table tennis club reluctantly. The river near my junior high school is famous for salmon and I made smoked salmon when I was in junior high school. I tried casting the net and filleting the salmon, which is a fun memory.


  In high school I finally joined the badminton club, but we were not able to use the gymnasium very much, because the muscle training club and running club, also used it. We were serious but the club was also a lot of fun, we were all friends and tried hard to do our best together as a team.

Hello! Cathy1 保育士/幼稚園教諭

Hello! Cathy1 保育士/幼稚園教諭   When deciding what to do after graduation from high school, I decided I would like to be a veterinarian, because I like animals. However, my mother told me it is as difficult as becoming a doctor, so I gave up. In the end I chose to go to vocational school to study childcare as I love children and wanted to make use of my ability to play the piano. I went to vocational school in Niigata-shi for three years and qualified as a childcare worker, kindergarten teacher and a social welfare director.


  During vocational school, I traveled to Denmark and Sweden for a working holiday. Later I also had the opportunity to go to Canada. Canada was very fun and stimulating, I met many people from foreign countries, even Japanese people of different ages, who had grown up in a completely different environment than me. I learned that there are many ways of thinking and feeling when I talked with them.

Hello! Cathy1 保育士/幼稚園教諭

Hello! Cathy1 保育士/幼稚園教諭   In Vancouver, I gained an elementary school English teaching license and got experience working as a house keeper, dog walker and in a laundromat. I felt a difference in culture again in the laundromat, as customers bring all their clothes to wash, including underwear. I had never heard of that happening in Japan.


  After coming back, I worked as a childcare worker in a nursery school in Niigata and took charge of the two year old children class. In the nursery school, I came into contact with children everyday, although there were difficult things to do, the children’s growth could be felt everyday. I feel there are many things we can learn from children.


  I’m working at Kitty Club now. I can use my experience in childcare and also English skill. I enjoy helping children grow up and I always have a great time with them at Kitty. I think children who come to Kitty are very lucky as they get to learn English from a very young age and become fluent. A graduate of Kitty can be so many things when they grow up, such as a flight attendant, a writer, an actor or singer overseas.
  I have great hopes for the future of the children at Kitty!
  I would like to learn not only English but also about foreign cultures and grow along with the Kitty students!


Hello! Cathy1 保育士/幼稚園教諭
Kitty International School


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